Venice Vacations – Part 2 Vacations – Part 2

Hello again from Venice.

I just came back from a trip to the city in the Dolomiti, Cortina D’Ampezzo. The weather was quite different from Venice and I enjoyed some fresh air and some and some rain.

The Dolomiti are quite beautiful.  The rocks are beautiful, tall, and have a pinkish coloring.  There are many trails to walk on that allow you to reach almost the top of the mountains.
The mountains are really great, but while walking on the trails a funny thing happened…
The first day we decided to walk on one of the trails that leads to the top of Le Tre Cime Di Lavaredo (the three peaks) from where you can enjoy the marvelous panorama.
Usually, in the mountains there are sudden showers of rain that last about half an hour. But unfortunately, guess what happened when I came along…
First, we tried driving up the mountain but the car, being my grandparents’ stopped halfway up the mountain. No problem right, we can just walk since we were going to at one point anyway so we park and get out of the car.

We had hardly started walking when it starts to rain, still no problem at all because it’ll stop in a little.  Right?  We pull out umbrellas and keep walking, but it turns out (I’m so surprised) that it doesn’t stop.  In fact, it gets worse.  Much worse!

The once little rainstorm breaks out into a fairly large thunderstorm.  As lightning cracks the sky, we start to get pretty worried because we are carrying umbrellas, which are kind of like artificial lightning rods.
With great worry and disappointment, we head back to the car.michelleco
The next day, things went much better.  We found an awesome adventure park with zip-lines and many other fun things all attached to the trees growing around the park.  They even let adults do it.
In the afternoon, we decided to walk to one of the many lakes, but it started to rain.  Luckily it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first day and we discovered some deliciously sweet wild strawberries.

Besides the rain, it was a great trip and an amazing experience.  I hope you all had a great vacation like me.





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— michelle longega wilson

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