Venice Vacation, Part 1

Greetings from Italy!

I’m having a great vacation in wonderful Venice – the setting of my second book,

IMG_5007The weather is great and there sure is a lot of sun.
The beaches of Lido, a little island that’s part of Venice, are beautiful and the Mediterranean ocean is nice and warm. I go to the beach every day for a few hours in the afternoon when the temperature starts to cool down.

I stay at my grandparents’ house which is only five minutes away from the beach, so I only have to put my bathing suit and flip flops on, grab a towel, and I’m ready to go!
At the beach, I meet up with my friends and we play in the sand for awhile before taking a swim.
Sometimes when it gets really hot out, the jellyfish come – “medusa” in Italian. They’re small, but it still hurts if they sting you. If a jellyfish stings you then you should put some ammonia cream on the sting. It really works!

The other day we did a ton of things!
First, we went to the local market early in the morning to buy fruits and vegetables. While at the market, we came across a huge stand that sold only candy! They sold all different types of candy, like gummy lollipops, licorice of all sorts, gummy alligators with marshmallow on the bottom, and many, many more.

Of course my sisters and I couldn’t resist buying a big bag of candy for us to share.
In the afternoon, we went to the beach and dug a big hole in the sand until we reached the water. Then, we made a gallery that started from the hole and went around the passageways we created.
Later, we went home and had dinner.

After dinner, we went to a fair with lots of fun rides. I really liked the Ferris Wheel because it gave us a great view of the lagoon and the islands.

The night ended wonderfully when we got ice cream and headed home.
I look forward to sharing more of my Venice adventures with you all.


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