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The Adventures of Giulia

The Adventures of Giulia is a Best Seller Amazon Series. It is made up of three magical stories that bring wonder to all those who read them. Giulia, a brave and selfless little girl travels the world, explores Venice, and even goes on a daring journey to escape the grasp of a malicious group of pirates! Of course, Giulia does all this with just a touch of magic from her magical unicorn, Sparkle. These books are great for an enormous range of people; from young girls        that love unicorns, to people who want to learn a new language, you will surely love these books!
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picture4Dangerously Deep

Dangerously Deep is the third book in The Adventures of Giulia series. Giulia, Isabella and their aunt go on a cruise in South Africa and it seems like things are going to go perfectly. Soon enough, their good fortune takes a dangerous and unexpected turn. Though Sparkle is there to help them, a new friend is also there to lend a hand. In a thrilling adventure that combines pirates, daring escapes, and even a storm at sea, Giulia, Isabella, and their new friend Peter, fight their way through many difficulties as they desperately try to get off their island prison. Although the odds are certainly not in their favor, Giulia’s sense of adventure, Peter’s resourcefulness, and a little bit of magic, help them get through this unique adventure.

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The Girl with a Magical Unicorn

The Girl with the Magical Unicorn

The Adventures of Giulia – The Girl with a Magical Unicorn is a book about Giulia, an adventurous girl, ready to discover new challenges, never afraid!

Giulia’s current adventures begin when she receives a magical unicorn that brings her to different places around the world. In each place, Giulia has a different adventure, and a chance to learn many new things. Giulia goes through many unbelievable situations resolving problems with courage and imagination.

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Lost in Venice

Lost in Venice is the second of the series “The Adventures of Giulia” and it talks about Giulia, who goes to Venice for Carnival to visit her cousin Isabella. Isabella is a new character and she will be with Giulia during all of her adventures in Venice. Giulia and Isabella are complete opposites, as you know Giulia is never afraid and she loves adventures, while Isabella is always a little insecure. Luckily Giulia’s magical unicorn Sparkle will always be there to help her when her sense of adventures goes overboard. In Venice, Giulia will visit many great places like Rialto, Murano, the famous Peggy Guggenheim Collection and more. She will discover amazing things hidden in plain sight and get lost in the beautiful city.


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