Keeping a Diary


Do you have a diary?
I have one that I started a while ago.
What does writing in a diary mean to you?

To me it means having something to write all your troubles, sad moment and happy moments. It’s kind of like having someone to tell everything, and that someone can never judge you.

Having a diary is different than having a person that you can tell everything too because a person has opinions and a diary doesn’t. Of course having a best friend is something different, and I like to have both.

Sometimes at night I turn on a nightlight and write in my diary.

I think that writing in a diary is wonderful because one day you can go back and read it and remember all the happy moments that you had. While you are looking back you can also learn from your mistakes and realize that things that seemed really bad at the first approach, they really weren’t so bad after all.

I suggest that if you don’t already have a diary, then you should get one and start writing in it. I’m sure you will like it.

Please tell me your thoughts below. Do you have a diary? What do you put in your diary?

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