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My Love of Horseback Riding is Just Getting Started!

Today I want to talk to you about one of my passions, horses. I really like horseback riding, even if I’m just getting started.

There are different ways to ride horses. One kind is Western style. You ride with a big saddle to be more comfortable. In the past, cowboys needed to be on the horses for many hours so they needed to be comfortable. This is why they used a big saddle. The Western saddle is made to distribute weight more evenly over the horse’s back so horse and rider can counterbalance the weight of a roped cow.

English riding comes from an old form of military style. The saddle is smaller and some ladies used to ride sideways because they thought it was more lady like. Have you ever seen the movie “Princess Diaries”? Do you remember the scene when the princess is pretending to ride side saddle with a fake leg? That would be pretty embarrassing. I think that for now I will keep one leg on each side of the horse.

I love being on a horse because being so high makes me feel like I’m flying and that I can do anything.

Horses have personalities just like us and they can have different moods. A way to figure out their mood is to look at the position of the horse’s ears. If its ears are pointing backwards the horse is nervous or angry and you better leave him alone.

Have you ever tried horseback riding? If you haven’t, you should try it, or at least check it out. But remember, never walk right behind a horse – he cannot see you so you may scare him and he may step on you!

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— michelle longega wilson