Do You Prefer Cats or Dogs?


What do you prefer Dogs or Cats? This is a hard question…

I am lucky because I have both. A wonderful Dog named Sasha, a Labrador-Retriever, and a little blue-point Himalayan called Allison. I spend a lot of time with both and I have a lot of fun.

The cat is older and I have to say it gives some hard time to the puppy. Yesterday I saw Alison inside the dog’s cage. She was acting as she was the princess of the house. Sasha was outside and she couldn’t get in. Can you believe it?

Dogs are great companions, Sasha comes up to the second floor to sleep outside my room. Mommy says she protects us. I love to go outside with her on the beach. She loves to chase balls! I just wish I could launch the ball far away, it’s so hard. Sometimes I think she really understands all I say, and I like to talk to her. I can tell her all my secrets.

Alison is just beautiful, like a furry ball. Every time I see her I have to hold her. She has so much hair, and yes she needs to be brushed a lot, every day. My Mommy trims her nails. Allison is very gentle with me. But when she is playing with the dog is another story. She shows her teeth and nails and makes noises even if at the end she doesn’t touch or hurt Sasha.

Sometimes I fight with my sisters. We are like dogs and cats. But we love each other and even if we are different, we are so similar in many ways.

I guess I need to introduce a pet in one of Giulia’s books. It’s going to be fun. What do you think?

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