Dancing, another way to express myself


Dancing is something I really like to do.

When I dance I feel like I’m free. I follow the music and let myself go.

Of course, to be a good dancer you need to have good technique. This is why I work hard and take many lessons.

I like all types of dancing. My favorites are tap, jazz, and musical theater.

I like musical theater because it always tells a story. You use body language and I love to act.

Tap is fun, fast and rhythmic. Tap dancing is hard because it’s also musical.  When you are in a big group, you especially need to be very synchronized because if everyone is doing a different thing at a different time it sounds horrible!

Jazz is fast and usually sharp and you need to have a good technique. Many jazz moves come from ballet but they are a bit different.

I go to many different dance conventions and competitions and I like them because I get to have great famous teachers and learn a lot. When I compete I always try to have fun and do my best.

When I dance I do not just do the steps but I let my body or my feet do the dance.

I may write a book about dancing someday.


Stay tuned!

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