Do You Prefer Cats or Dogs?

Do you prefer Cats or Dogs?

What do you prefer Dogs or Cats? This is a hard question… I am lucky because I have both. A wonderful Dog named Sasha, a Labrador-Retriever, and a little blue-point Himalayan called Allison. I spend a lot of time with both and I have a lot of fun. The cat is older and I have to say it gives some hard time to the puppy. Yesterday I saw Alison inside.

Dancing, another way to express myself


Dancing is something I really like to do. When I dance I feel like I’m free. I follow the music and let myself go. Of course, to be a good dancer you need to have good technique. This is why I work hard and take many lessons. I like all types of dancing. My favorites are tap, jazz, and musical theater. I like musical theater because it always tells a.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

My Love of Horseback Riding is Just Getting Started! Today I want to talk to you about one of my passions, horses. I really like horseback riding, even if I’m just getting started. There are different ways to ride horses. One kind is Western style. You ride with a big saddle to be more comfortable. In the past, cowboys needed to be on the horses for many hours so they.