A Day at the Circus

jpg_141_20110106_02762-editYesterday, I went to the circus. It was very fun. First, we saw the animals in a space outside, in the back of circus. There were lions, tigers, elephants, and even two kangaroos! I also saw a jaguar. Then, we went inside to watch the pre-show, it was a lot of fun. I tried on a circus costume and watched some clowns juggle and do tricks. Soon, the real show began. First came the grand entrance with loud music, the circus founder, animals, and clowns. Then came all the acts and music, from flying trapezes to people riding elephants there was just about everything. My favorite act was the one with a man who jumped through a hoop as high as a basketball net! It was a world record! At first I thought it was impossible, but that man proved me wrong.

Outside the circus I saw a few people making a protest against circuses having animals and mistreating them. I thought about it for a long time. The animals at the circus certainly didn’t look mistreated, in fact they look quite well taken care of. The lion had a very big cage and it looked like he just had a bath. The only think I didn’t like was I saw the cage for the kangaroos was a little too small. I believe that people who work in the circus with the animals must love animals a lot because why else would they spend their time taking care of them? What do you think?

— michelle longega wilson

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