“Writing is something magical.

You can let your imagination go and create your own world.

Reading has even more magic.

You can live your dreams through simple stories.”



“For Kids, By a Kid:
How to Write Your Own Book”

                     An inspirational speech presented by
                                 Michelle Longega Wilson

Do you have a budding author in your family? Or, because you’re a kid, you don’t think you could write your own book?

Find out how an ordinary 11 year old girl wrote and published three frst bilingual books and became an Amazon Best Selling Author!

Michelle presents her own book writing experiences and explain to kids how they can write their own book.

Open to children and adults of all ages, Michelle will walk you through a simple step-by-step plan that she has used to imagine, write and publish her first book. She explains the steps involved in planning, writing and publishing, diving deeper into the critical steps of planning your book, from coming up with the ideas to getting them down on paper. She shares a number of tips, tricks and techniques that she has used in developing her own books.

It’s a fun, lively, interactive talk about writing books and enjoying the process. But there is more: it’s a motivational speech that will help you to believe in your passion and achieve your dreams no matter what they are,

Michelle has presented this inspirational speech in many libraries, schools, and institutions around the Bay Area and Italy.  Many children, and a few adults, have been inspired to begin to write their own books, using the lessons that Michelle has shared.